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The Wild West CBD Oil Market: Our Guide to Avoiding Cheats

As people around the world start to learn about the incredible benefits of CBD including pain management, support for brain health, help with sleep issues and anxiety, and more, the product is becoming incredibly popular.

However, there is one major problem. As of now, the CBD oil market is largely unregulated. This means buying CBD is like heading out into the Wild West – you can’t assume that you’re getting quality products that will actually work! In the worst case, if you buy CBD from a shady seller, you could end with a fake product that’s dangerous!

So what’s a buyer to do? Start by reading through our guide to avoiding cheats.


First, it’s a good idea to understand your options when it comes to buying CBD oil. You can go to a brick and mortar store that specializes in CBD products, order your products online, or even pick some up at your local gas station.

There are so many different people selling CBD oil that you need to be picky! Generally, you’ll want to avoid gas stations and any other location that looks “shady.”

You’ll also want to avoid ordering from online retailers like Amazon. Although a search for “CBD” on Amazon will give you thousands of results, the site’s selling guidelinesspecifically prohibit selling anything containing cannabidiol (CBD). This means any CBD products you buy from here are almost guaranteed to be fake!

When you want to know that you’re buying high-quality, genuine CBD, then your best bet is to purchase directly from a vendor that specializes in this product. Even better, look for companies that make their own CBD and buy from them. This is your absolute best option.


Many people don’t realize that CBD comes in many different strengths and can vary greatly in quality. You’ll want to choose CBD products that are extracted properly and that are pure. Knowing what to look for will help ensure that you receive the best possible product. Start by evaluating the color, source, and THC content.


There are three primary types of CBD oil, and the proper color will depend on the type you’re looking at. The first is raw. This should be a very dark green or even black.

The reason for this is that it’s extracted from raw hemp and isn’t purified any further. This oil will be full of terpenes, chlorophyll, and other plant material – all good things!

Decarboxylated CBD oil looks similar to raw oil. The difference is that this oil has gone through a chemical process that some people believe improves bioavailability.

Finally, filtered CBD is the most common version. This usually has a light golden color due to the fact that it has been both decarboxylated and filtered.


The soil and climate where a cannabis plant was grown will have a major impact on the quality of the final product. While Colorado and Denmark are often known for growing high-quality hemp, there are several other areas that have made a name for themselves in recent years. This includes Kentucky, Oregon, New York, Germany, and the Netherlands.

If you can find products that are grown in one of these areas, this is a definite bonus!


CBD oil should contain less than 0.3% THC to allow for legal sales and shipment across the United States. If you live in a state where marijuana is illegal, are ordering your products from another state, or are worried about failing a drug test, you’ll want to ensure that the products you’re considering have low or no THC levels.


Another great way to ensure you’re getting a high-quality CBD product and aren’t falling for fakes is to know what questions to ask before making a purchase. When you’re looking at a vendor’s website check out their “About” and “FAQ” pages to gather up as much information as possible.

While learning about the company and its products, you’ll want to ask some important questions like:

  • How is the CBD extracted?

  • Do your products contain glyphosate?

  • Do you sell full-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate?

  • Do you have third-party lab tests available for review?

  • Will your products make me “high”?

  • Is it legal for you to ship your products to my state?

If you’re not able to find the information you need on the website, we suggest contacting the company directly to ask any unanswered questions. After all, when you’re considering ingesting something, it makes sense to understand exactly what you’re getting. If the company doesn’t get back to you or doesn’t really answer your question, then you’re better off moving on and buying from someone else.


Now that you have a better idea of how the CBD oil market works and the important questions to ask before you buy, you can confidently shop for high-quality CBD products.

Don’t feel like doing a ton of research right now? We’ve got you covered! When you shop with Rocky Ridge Hemp Co. you’ll always have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re buying from a top-rated hemp farm and CBD company. Our CBD goes from seed to barn, to bottle – no fakes here!

We have everything you need, so browse through our products today!



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