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How We Are Pioneering the Reborn Hemp Industry

For most of the history of the United States, Kentucky has been a leader in the hemp industry. Hemp was first grown in the Bluegrass State in 1775, and a large part of U.S. hemp production after the Civil War centered on the state of Kentucky. Sadly, federal legislation from 1938 outlawed the production of hemp and the U.S. hemp industry soon died down.

In 2018, it once again became federally legal to produce hemp as well as hemp-derived products, and the hemp industry was reborn. Rocky Ridge Hemp Co. is a farm committed to pioneering the renewed hemp industry. We are proud to help bring hemp production back to Kentucky so that you can benefit from cannabidiol (CBD) products, such as hemp extract oils. In today’s post, we will discuss how we have pioneered the reborn hemp industry from our farm in Kentucky.


At Rocky Ridge Hemp Co., we understand that Kentucky gained prominence in the original hemp industry through the labor of small farms and business. That’s how we knew our family owned and operated farm would be an excellent choice for leading the way in the reborn hemp industry.

Our farm is located in Cynthiana, Kentucky, and we started growing hemp so that our friends and neighbors could take advantage of the benefits of CBD products. Soon, we chose to bring our high-quality hemp products to people outside of Kentucky. As a result of that choice, we created our website, which enables us to share the products from our farm with people throughout the entire country. Whether you use our site from your home down the road or from across the U.S., you can be confident that the hemp products you purchase all began at our family owned and operated industrial hemp farm.


At Rocky Ridge Hemp Co., our goal is to grow high-quality hemp for the production of CBD products. This goal drives our business and everything we do on our farm. We continually work to stay at the forefront of the hemp industry so that our customers can be sure that their CBD came from the best hemp available.

All of the hemp grown by Rocky Ridge Hemp Co. contains less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and as a result, is non-psychoactive. We are sure to have each batch tested for quality by a third party, and we use top-of-the-line methods to extract CBD from our hemp. These actions are taken to ensure that the hemp we grow maintains a high-quality and that our products are able to help you benefit from using CBD.


The industrial hemp grown on our farm is produced with the consumer in mind. We care for our plants in a way that would make you proud. That care is extended throughout the extraction process, into the creation of each of our products, and until the product finally reaches your hands.

Our farm is a USDA-certified organic farm, meaning that we use growing methods that are friendly to the environment as well as the consumer of our hemp-derived products. We grow hemp without the use of chemicals, and the plants on our farm are GMO-free. This enables us to meet our goal of growing the high-quality hemp.

The CBD in our hemp is extracted using carbon dioxide extraction at an FDA-approved facility. We have tried to offer a wide variety of products so that you can choose how to use the CBD supplied by our farm. Whether you choose to try an oil, edible, cream, or another product on our site, there is a way for you to begin using CBD products in your life.


Many people have found that CBD from hemp can help them find relief from pain, anxiety, and even reliance on dangerous painkillers. We have written about this extensively on our blog, and we believe that you might also be able to find relief in CBD products. Rocky Ridge Hemp Co. is proud to give you multiple ways to try to find relief.

Hemp extract oils are perhaps the most popular way to experience the benefits of CBD. We sell sublingual hemp drops on our site, with a variety of CBD dosages to choose from. Hemp oils made for vaping are also available for purchase from Rocky Ridge Hemp Co., while our salves, creams, and edibles offer another fantastic way to see if CBD can help you find relief. We even offer CBD products for your pets, too!


Even before the hemp industry was officially reborn in 2018, people have been talking about the benefits of CBD products. Rocky Ridge Hemp Co. is proud to be pioneering the hemp industry by offering a multitude of CBD and hemp-extract products on our site. Browse our selection, and order today to see if CBD helps you find relief.


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