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Does CBD Show Up On a Drug Test?

Have you been reading a lot about CBD or do you have friends and family members who have used hemp extract oil and their satisfaction has made you want to try it? Are you are concerned about it showing up on a drug test? You aren’t alone. Many people are interested in trying CBD for a variety of reasons, but they haven’t because of the potentially negative impact it could have on their livelihood should they be drug tested.

Trying to find answers about whether or not CBD shows up on a drug test can be difficult. Searching online can lead you down a lot of confusing paths, so in today’s blog entry, we will try to provide you with as much accurate information about CBD and drug tests as we possibly can.

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In order to discuss what may or may not show up on a drug test, it is important to provide a bit of background information about what exactly makes THC different from CBD.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most potent psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants. THC is what gives people who use recreational cannabis their “high.” But THC is just one of over a hundred different chemical compounds (cannabinoids) that are produced only in plants from the cannabis family.

CBD is another cannabinoid. While CBD is also found in cannabis plants with high concentrations of THC, CBD also occurs naturally in hemp. Through specialized breeding, the levels of CBD can be greatly increased while decreasing the levels of THC.

CBD very rarely shows up on drug tests

Drug tests were designed to look for very specific chemicals. THC, the psychoactive compound found in some plants in the cannabis family, is the compound that drug tests screen for. As most people use CBD products for therapeutic reasons, most drug tests don’t bother to look for it because it doesn’t change a person’s mental state.

When you buy CBD drops or other products from Rocky Ridge Hemp Co., you are receiving the purest possible CBD that is as low in THC as it can be, which means that you are very unlikely to test positive for THC if you have to take a drug test. In order for CBD to be sold, it has to meet very strict guidelines that set limits for the amount of THC that can be present. These regulations are set by the federal government and strictly enforced, so if you buy from a reputable company, like Rocky Ridge, you can rest easy knowing that you will receive a product that has been tested and is well within legal limits.

While CBD probably won’t show up on a drug test, there is no way to guarantee that it won’t. If you are concerned about failing a drug test, it is a good idea to stop taking CBD products as soon as possible. The longer the period of time between quitting and taking your drug test, the better.

Come back soon to learn more about CBD. We will be filling our blog with information about this incredible compound, along with new products and other fascinating facts. Check out our online store today to find CBD vape, hemp drops, and other CBD products!



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